13 Things People Can Do When Listening To Your Podcast

Want more people to contact you after your podcast interview?

Understand that your episode is NOT their main priority.

👇 Here are 13 things people do while listening (4 is my favorite):

1. Writing an email
2. Lifting weights
3. Taking a shower
4. Walking a dog
5. Texting their spouse
6. Browsing a photo gallery
7. Sunbathing
8. Running
9. Eating
10. Shopping for groceries
11. Having a boring date
12. Playing with a cat
13. Commuting to work

…and literally unlimited other options.


Not. A. Priority.

For that reason, you MUST remove all the friction from your podcast call to action.

🔻 Forget long URLs.
🔻 Forget annoying forms.
🔻 Forget too much typing.

To allow most people to reach out to you, make it as simple as possible.

✅ Ask them to text you.
✅ Ask them to add you on LI.
✅ Ask them to go to a simple URL.

And watch your podcast interview ROI skyrocket.

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