12 Positive Signals That Your Podcast Campaign Is Working

Is your podcast guesting campaign working?

Here are 12 positive signals:

1. On calls, prospects are more educated

2. You get more LinkedIn connection requests

3. Podcasts get mentioned as a lead source

4. Increase in website traffic

5. Increase in branded search

6. Shorter sales cycle

7. More referrals

8. More job candidates

The last 4 benefits are less tangible:

9. Your message is more concise

10. You became a better speaker

11. You’re more confident

12. You build more relationships

The bottom line is this:

Most of what you achieve by appearing on podcasts is not measurable, yet it helps you and your business grow.

That’s why the biggest B2B tech brands of today host their podcast or/and appear on others.

Is podcast guesting right for you?

Find out if Speak On Podcasts can help you create demand and increase brand awareness in your industry.

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