10 Ideas On What To Do After The Podcast Interview

The actual podcast interview is just the beginning.

Yet, most guests treat it as a finish line. 🤦‍♂️

Here are 10 ideas on what to do AFTER your interview is done:

💥 Say Thank You
– Send a thank you email or a message
– Record a quick voice message and send it to the host on LinkedIn
– Share a post on the relevant social channel where you thank the host for interviewing you
– Send a quick thank you video using a tool like Loom, Vidyard, or just your phone

💥 Send A Thank You Gift
– Give them access to a digital product you’re selling
– Have a physical product? Ask for their address and ship it!

💥 Share Your Experience
– Share your interview experience before the episode goes live
– Spread the word after the episode goes live

💥 Review The Podcast & Recommend The Host
– Write a recommendation on LinkedIn
– Review the podcast on Apple Podcasts


In a nutshell:

The interview is just the beginning of a relationship with the host.

Do this to start the relationship the right way:

– Thank the host
– Send a gift
– Share your experience
– Review the podcast
– Write a testimonial/recommendation

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