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The global podcast booking agency for b2b and tech brands.

Fuel your brand, reputation and revenue by speaking on the podcasts that your audience already listen to and trust.

What a rewarding year – Going from 30K in January to 400K in December! Thank you for your trust and support, this is what makes us grow  We plan to push forward until every #WordPress user knows there’s no better way to design than #Elementor.

There are more than 1 million podcasts

The average social media attention span is 7 seconds – that’s less than a goldfish. With podcasts you can reach loyal audiences from any industry imaginable.

The best part?

Listeners spend up to an hour listening to your voice (and have money to spend).

Talk about a high quality touchpoint!

Reach new audiences

Current audience growth methods are time-consuming and expensive. Podcasts allow you to tap into existing pools of people waiting to hear your message.

Become a thought leader

Want to speak on stages, publish a book, or grow your business? Grow your authority through providing immense value on podcasts your audience loves.

Attract inbound leads

More business opportunities are an inevitable part of appearing on podcasts. We'll help you to craft a compelling call to action, so the listener takes action.

Speak on Podcasts Like

Leveling Up with Eric Siu podcast
2X eCommerce Podcast
Time For Marketing podcast
Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast
B2B Growth podcast
Startup Selling- Talking Sales with Scott Sambucci podcast
The Human Behind The Screen podcast
Running Remote podcast
The Brutal Truth podcast
Mastermind.fm podcast
How We Solve podcast
The Sales Development Podcast
The B2B Sales Tech Podcast
Rogue Startups Podcast
Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast
Zen Founder podcast
The Dad Edge Podcast

Our Process

You speak on podcasts, we do the heavy lifting in the background.

In the first 2 weeks in our process, we set the foundations. We kick off by identifying your target audience(s), figure out 3-6 topics you can cover, and define the goal of your podcast campaign. One of the next steps is to create your unique website (example here). As we do most of the work, we only need less than 2 hours from your end.

Once we know what audience you’d like to reach, our team of researchers will find 100+ podcasts your ideal customers listen to. We’ll send you the samples of shows, so we know we’re on the right track. We focus on researching the shows that reflect your current podcast track record and other media appearances.

We pride ourselves on writing hyper-personalized and relevant pitches. Because of that, our emails don’t ruin your reputation through the “spray and pray” approach, and are well received by podcast hosts. If we don’t hear back from the host, our booking agents write value-driven follow-up emails.

Once the episode is finished, now it’s time to promote it. Whilst appearing on podcasts helps you to attract new audiences, your current audience wants to hear from you too – It’s a high quality touchpoint you don’t want to miss. We can either give you the clear instructions on how to create content yourself, or do it completely for you.

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