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Trusted by leading B2B companies
Trusted by leading B2B brands
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What is Podcast Guesting?

Podcast guesting helps you authentically reach targeted audiences at scale. By booking interviews on relevant podcasts, brands and individuals build authority & trust, attract more customers, and increase brand awareness.

Say hello to the new way to reach your target audience

Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing media channels in the world – making them the ideal place to share your message and drive awareness and interest in what you do.

With over 2 million podcasts worldwide, podcasts put you at the heart of your customers’ lives and decision-making.

It’s like having a one-to-one conversation with thousands of people around the world.

be the first choice

Attract more revenue and talent

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, generate demand or attract new employees – a strong reputation speeds up decision making.

be known

Reach the right audiences

Share your brand story with people that matter most to your business through podcasts – there are millions listening every single day. 

be trusted

Dominate or establish your category

Customers worldwide prefer to buy from individuals and brands that they know, like and trust. Connect with them through this authentic channel.

Benefits of becoming a podcast guest for your business

Your potential customers make buying decisions differently than in 2015. Yet, marketers and business owners still haven’t shifted their focus from low-value ebooks and pushy marketing tactics.

By strategically becoming a guest on podcasts, you’ll be top of mind for your future customers (it’s just like speaking at an industry conference), boost your Google rankings through high domain authority backlinks, and build authentic connections with well-connected podcast hosts.

Each podcast is a 20 to 60-minutes long content piece and, as a result, can fuel your entire content marketing strategy. By repurposing your appearances into articles, video snippets, audiograms, quote images, tweets, or stories, you’ll nurture your existing audience and gain authority. 

“I’ve gotten to meet some really awesome people, which I’m grateful for that. So I’ve loved the experience and highly recommend it to anybody who’s trying to get into the podcasting world.”

Charlie Bailes, CB Supplements

be top of mind

Your customers are ready to listen

Your future customers have a world of different options at their fingertips and bringing a human approach to your communication is a must.

Appearing on podcasts will seed your brand and message in the hearts and minds of your future customers. You’ll have a headstart in the buyer’s journey as they decide between you and your competitors. It’s one of the most authentic and intimate brand touchpoints you can create.

The experience with your brand doesn’t start with the first transaction. It starts with the first interaction. Make it count.

We book you on the right podcasts

Podcast hosts receive 100’s of guest pitches and their attention span is shortening. Hyper-personalisation, relevancy, and proactive relationship-building is where we deliver.

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relevancy, reputation, relationships

A podcast booking service you can trust

With a growing popularity of podcasts, more podcast booking agencies and freelancers are helping brands and individuals leverage this authentic channel.

What makes Speak On Podcasts different is that we focus on podcast relevancy first. We believe that appearing on a podcast with 300 perfect buyers yields more value than speaking to 10’s of thousands of non-interested listeners.

By proactively building relationships with podcast hosts, we deliver bookings with predictability, with more context, and without wasting your time.

Unlike other podcast booking services, we don’t damage your reputation by spamming 100’s of podcast hosts with the same templated message. In fact, quite the contrary. Before the host hears about you as a potential guest, we do our homework. Your dedicated podcast booking agent will listen to their podcast, figure out the best angle, and then craft a personalized message just for them. No automation, no BS.

Lastly, during your podcast guesting campaign, you’ll work with professional speaking experts, monetization and podcast distribution coaches, and other professionals to get the most out of your campaign and investment.


“My goal of working with the team at Speak On Podcast was to get on the podcasts where the audience is interested in our message. We’ve been able to accomplish that and we’ve had some fun along the way. I just love their professionalism and our working relationship. I definitely recommend Speak On Podcasts to anyone who’s interested in podcast guesting!”

– Luis Gonzales, Fierce Inc.

“11 out of 10. Definitely exceeded expectations. Lots of honesty, lots of clarity, lots humility – all the things I care about when working with a business partner. Just a great company culture and communication.”

– Dan Murray-Serter, Heights

“Podcasts were a really really low-energy lift for us to get the word out there and to be able to create a LOT of content. And not only that we create content IN the podcasts but we also use those podcasts to repurpose to be used elsewhere.”

– Dan McGaw, McGaw.io

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a guest on podcasts?

Our service is designed to help you secure bookings on relevant podcasts. To achieve that, you need to define the audience you want to reach, craft compelling topics, find the right podcasts, reach out to them in a way that gets replies, and then handle the scheduling process. You can do it yourself or hire a podcast booking agency to do it for you.

Why should I get featured on a podcast as a guest?

Whether you want to generate more leads, grow your authority, get backlinks, or simply share your message, podcast guesting allows you to do that. With an ever-increasing volume of podcasts, you can reach even the most niche audiences, eager to hear your message. No matter if you target business, personal development, or spiritual audience, there are interview-based podcasts for every niche and every industry.

When working with you, can I pick podcasts I want to be featured on?

We’d love to see your suggestions! With that said, if you’ve never been on a podcast, it’s unlikely you’ll get featured on the Tim Ferris show. It all boils down to your track record, expertise, and accomplishments. We’ll work with you on the strategy that reflects your current social proof and evaluate which shows might be a great starting point for you.

What's the ROI of appearing on podcasts?

It comes down to what you want to achieve through podcasts. In general, PR activities are unfortunately not easy to measure. But there’s immense value in exposing thousands of your ideal customers to your knowledge, expertise, and services for 40 minutes. By doing that, you’ll increase your category footprint and win more business as a result. Email us if you want specific examples.

How can podcast booking boost my search rankings?

When the episode is published, most podcast hosts include your website in the episode notes. The episode then gets distributed through all major podcast platforms, as well as the podcast host’s website. These quality backlinks lead to many SEO benefits such as increasing your domain authority and increasing your website traffic.

How are guests interviewed on podcasts?

In around 50% of cases, the host will schedule a pre-interview before the actual recording. It’s to align on the topics and the direction of the interview. For the remaining 50%, this is usually done before the podcast episode recording or via email. Some hosts even provide questions and talking points before but it differs case by case.

How to find relevant podcasts to be a guest on?

There are multiple strategies to identify the most relevant podcasts to appear on. When working with our clients, we use different podcast research tools and strategies to discover the most relevant niche podcasts such as influencer and competitor analysis, etc. On top of that, we’ve built relationships with more than 700 podcast hosts, so partnering up with a podcast booking agency makes it significantly easier to find the best podcasts.

Can I generate leads by appearing on podcasts as a guest?

Yes, but it’s important to set the right expectations. Podcast Guesting is not a lead generation strategy but rather a PR strategy. It’s nearly impossible to track the exact ROI of each appearance since what you’re effectively doing is creating high-value touchpoints that are a part of your overall marketing strategy.

How quickly will I see the results of podcast guesting?

It takes approximately 4-6 months before you start seeing some traction. Why? There are a couple of bottlenecks. First, your campaign setup takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks. After the outreach starts, some podcast hosts take their time to get back to us. Then, interviews get scheduled usually 1-3 months in advance and it can take up to 5 months before it gets published after the recording. In other words, podcast guesting is a continuous process that yields results in the long-run. Not tomorrow.

What do I need to become a podcast guest?

Most podcasts are still audio-only, so a high-quality microphone is a must. For occasional podcast guesting, we recommend a standard USB microphone and a set of headphones to prevent echo. If you’d like to take your appearances to the next level, make sure you invest into it.

Reach your target audience by speaking on podcasts